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"Bleeeigh !" - Vlad

Vlad is an NPC featured in Magicka.

He is described by the narrator as dashingly handsome. Also he assures others that he is not a vampire, despite looking like one.


Vlad is the senior tutor of the wizards. He is encountered throughout the story as he guides the players on their quest to save the world. The players have a misunderstanding with during the game, but he still assists them, saying he is sorry for the past mistake.

As Vlad introduces himself to the players he tells them: "My name is Vlad, and I am not a vampire".

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He is actually a vampire.


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"These pointy teeth of mine will be the last thing you ever see!" - Vlad the Vampire

Early in the game, Vlad is seen using Teleport to go to the players and assist them. He is immune to all of the player's Magicks. Despite stating that he isn't a vampire, he is, being first hinted by a soldier saying that he was biten by a man in black in the first chapter. Later, Vlad is seen drinking blood from a villager in the beginning of chapter 3, throwing him from a cliff to avoid being found when he realizes the players approaching him.

In the end of chapter 9, inside his castle in Myrkur Swamp, Count Vlad reveals that he is a vampire and confront the players to keep his secret. In the boss battle against "Vlad the Vampire", he moves swiftly and attacks by attempting to bite players, using a sword slash that can freeze the target, and using some Magicks. He has a barrier that makes him immune to Water Magicks. After the battle, he teleports the players to Niflheim. In the area they can take Vlad's Gauntlet, which was apparently teleported with them.