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Uniting with the Gamepedia Magicka community!

For those who have not yet heard: Last year, Gamepedia and Fandom joined forces and are now two platforms on the same network. Later this year, we'll even become one unified platform. The teams at both Gamepedia and Fandom want to encourage our communities to work together now instead of splitting their efforts and competing with each other for readers and new editors.

I'd like to know how all of you here feel about uniting with Gamepedia's Magickapedia! It's the developer Official wiki for Magicka and would make a great home for all the content. That would mean we archive one wiki - lock it from editing but keep the pages accessible to readers - and put a banner up that directs visitors towards the other, active wiki. Anyone who used to edit the now-archived wiki would be able to contribute to the active wiki, and any content on one side that's missing on the other can be moved over with edit histories intact. Note: No merger will take place if both communities don't agree to it.

The advantages of becoming one community working together are clear: By working together, all fans of Magicka could build a resource on the game more effectively, keep it up-to-date more easily, and players would no longer be confused as to which site they should turn to for information.

Could you see yourself contributing to the Gamepedia wiki? Would you love to see the two communities united, but only if it's here on Fandom? Would you prefer to keep the two communities separate entirely? Please speak up!

About Magicka

Magicka is an action-adventure game set in the fantasy world of Midgård, where elemental magic rules the land, goblins and trolls are perfectly harmless – well, perhaps not entirely, and all the villagers are wise-cracking smartalecks.

The story begins amidst a great crisis, and an urgent quest falls to you, Wizards of the Order of Magick. It would seem that the capital city of Hávindr is under seige! So alas, you must leave your comfortable castle filled with delicious hot dogs and fancy cheeses, and hurry to the aid of the King.

In your travels you will fight your way through 13 levels, each more fiendish than the last. You shall draw upon the aid of magickal spells, freely combined from the eight elements. As you progress, you will learn the delicate art of annihilating your enemies with the awesome powers of ancient Magicks. As if that’s not enough, you can also test your skills in the various challenge modes, and duel your friends (or enemies) in player vs player battle mode.

But enough talk! Time to get your robe on.

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 21 September 2011

Gamer Bundle gives your mages the power of cosplay

The very latest piece of Magicka downloadable content is called the Gamer Budle. While it offers nothing more than new skins for the player characters, they might be of interest to many gamers.

The three new robes are all based on other well-known video games. One gives you a headcrab and crowbar from H…

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 26 January 2011

Magicka Sells 30,000; Patches in the Works

Magicka has sold 30,000 copies within its first day of availability through digital distribution. Developers have mentioned that they will be working on patches as quickly as possible. About the technical issues, they have stated that: "[Singe-player] works fine for the most part, Multiplayer does …

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Wagnike2 Wagnike2 25 January 2011

Game Released Today

Magicka was released today. It is now available for the low price of ($10) on Steam, GamersGate, Direct2Drive, Amazon, Amazon DE, eptiSoft, GreenManGaming, GameStreamer, PC Game Store, SpawnPoint, Mobily, and XGames.

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